AutoCAD Path Array: How to Work with it

We saw in the last article the Polar Array. This time, we will discuss about the AutoCAD Path Array Command of AutoCAD. See yourself as a Civil engineer who designs road using AutoCAD. You have decided to design the 2D layout of a highway of any dimension. Along the road, you have decided to align ornamental (trees) as aesthetic. It will be laborious to add each of these trees one after the other. If you want to try it yourself, then you can go ahead.

The use of Path Array is a very essential tool to if you want to do this. We will quickly see how to use this command few seconds from now.

How to Use and Apply the AutoCAD Path Array

We will be using a life application of the above example just described above.

#1. Launch your AutoCAD Application and make any line, curve or any path of your choice where you want to align the trees.

#2. Using either a Polyline or Lines, draw a tree from the starting point of the path.

AutoCAD Path Array


#3. On the Modify panel, click on the small Array Tool to expand the fly out, containing the Path Array tool.

#4. Select the object (in this case the tree), and hit the Enter button.

#5. Select the path you created, and hit the Enter button again to exit the command.

The object (trees) would align itself to the path which you created.

AutoCAD Path Array

The Path Array is something similar to that of the Polar arrays. You can decide to change the number of rows, items etc.

If you can observe, you will see that you cannot change the number of items by default. This is one of the difference between Polar Array and Path Array.

In order to activate this, all you have to do is:


1. On the Property panel of the Array tab, click on Measure.

2. Click on Divide to activate the Items Command. You can go ahead to alter the number of items on the path.


AutoCAD Path Array Properties

You can also alter the number of rows to your choice.

Another important command we want to see is the Align Items. This command allows the items to be properly aligned to the path. By default, it is already selected, but if you choose to deselect it, then go ahead. You can also Reset Array. 

There is also an option to Edit the source of the array if need be. You can go ahead to make changes to the item or object using the Edit Source on the property panel.




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