Different ways to Learn Python Programming

If you are a fan of Python, you will observe that most tech inclined guys wants to know the different ways to learn python programming. Learning is never easy these days. A lot of people needs something that will be easy to go with. Personally, I will not want to waste time learning from the wrong source. Our society today is just so filled with lots materials such that if care is not taken, many will learn amiss.

Python programming is an open source language. Therefore,there are a lot of resources online available to researches, experts, online learners, etc to use. But the questions now is, how will one know where to learn all these from?

That is what I am here to guide you through. I will not just guide you on the Different ways to Learn Python Programming, but you will also see the best ways to learn them.

Let us quickly see these ways:


Different ways to Learn Python Programming

Unless you are studying computer related courses at college, then learning python will be an integral part of your learning process. Otherwise, you will have too struggle your way out to get your hand-on Python.

The below are several ways to learn python programming.

  1. Using Android Apps and Web
  2. Downloading PDFs
  3. Teach it
  4. Code Everyday
  5. Join Python Groups (Facebook, WhatsApp etc)
  6. Follow Python Pages on Twitter, Facebook, etc.


#1. Using Android App and Web:

One of the ways to learn Python Programming is by downloading python apps for your device. For Android users, you can go direct to Google PlayStore to get some of these apps for yourself. A lot of them are just too good that you can use it without the internet. Others require that you have access to the internet. There are also apps which will provide you with the coding ground to play with the codes. Some of those Apps I will mention them below.

There are also websites that have all these courses available. Some are for free, while some require that you pay for them. Some of the websites to learn python programming from includes the following:



  • SoloLearn: This series of apps are highly rated on Google Play and the App Store because of their dynamics and the simple way they teach the basics of coding. This app helps you learn programming concepts by going through short texts and follow-up quizzes.

Different ways to Learn Python Programming


  • Udacity: Using this app, you have the opportunity to choose whether you are interested in learning HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Python or something else. What makes this app more valuable is that Udacity offers courses instructed by industry experts from Google, Facebook, MongoDB, and Cloudera.


  • Encode: Encode is an app that aims to teach you three different languages, along with the basics. You can learn Python, JavaScript, and HTML right from the beginner level.


  • Enki: With Enki, you won’t be limited to the fundamentals of coding or just picking up a language. And you’ll be able to explore everything from SQL to Blockchain right from within the app.




#2. Downloading Python books in PDFs:

There are several Python books available online for downloads. These books are most times free to download if you have no money to get the paid version of the books. The books covers all it takes to learn python, and you can access them with your devices anytime.

If you are good at learning by reading books, then this will be the best option for you. I therefore recommend this option for you.


  • Learning Python by Mark Lutz and David Ascher (Recommended and reviewed by Greg Pittman)
  • Learn to Program with Python 3 by Irv Kalb (Recommended and reviewed by Moshe Zadka)
  • Python 101 by Mike Driscoll (Recommended and reviewed by Adam Miller)
  • Python Cookbook by David Beazley and Brian K. Jones (Recommended and reviewed by Daniel Oh)
  • The Quick Python Book by Naomi Ceder (Recommended and reviewed by Moshe Zadka)
  • Automate the Boring Stuff with Python by Al Sweigart (Recommendation and review by Don Watkins)
  • Learning Python: Learn to code like a professional with Python by Fabrizio Romano (Recommended and reviewed by Jay LaCroix).
  • Python 3 Object-oriented Programming by David Beazley and Brian K. Jones (Recommended and reviewed by Daniel Oh)

You can search for any of the above books online and get them for your consumption. I also recommend you this website, pdfdrive.net. Visit that site and get materials (PDF). This is one of the best ways to learn python programming.


#3. Teach it:

One of the ways to learn quicker is to teach it. I remember days in high school when i teach my classmates mathematics. It was in those periods that I effectively comprehend the topics taught. When you teach, you get experience and challenges. Teaching programming will open ways for you to several challenges which will lead you to more creating ways to tackle those challenges. This way, you can learn python programming faster.

You can as well organise python classes for your interested friends.

#4. Code Everyday:

Programming the right way involves much work. If you want to be good at programming, then code everyday. You are what you repeatedly do. As you practice daily, you get used to the language. Python is a language. Just as you learn other languages which require daily usage, it is the same for computer languages.


#5 Join Python Groups (Facebook, WhatsApp etc):

There are tons of Facebook and WhatsApp for Python for you. You can join them via searching them online. I have joined many of them and I can say that they are good ways to learn python programming. Python books and some other resources are also shared in this group. You can get to know your interest and areas of specialization in Python groups.


#6. Follow Python Pages on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc:

Just as you have joined the groups, you can as well like Python pages on Facebook, Twitter, etc. these will enable you to get updates about their products. You can Follow the below Twitter handlers:

You can search for more of them on Twitter. This is one of the ways to Learn Python Programming.




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