How to Export Email Address From WordPress Comments

Do you know you and Export Email Address From WordPress Comments? What I am saying is this: You can export all the email address of everyone who has commented on your blog. Yes. It is true, and you can do it easily and without stress.

There may be reasons why you need the email of those who has commented on your blog. Some of which include the following:

  1. To notify them via email for updates.
  2. To export to other email delivery services like Mailchimp for Campaigns, and to keep in touch with your users.
  3. So as to send bulk Mail (messages) to them.

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The above and many more are some the reasons.


How to Export Email Address From WordPress Comments

You need to install an essential WordPress plugin from the WordPress directory, or use this link .

After installation, all you have to do is:

#1. Install the plugin. After installation, hover your mouse on the Comment on your dashboard, and click on Commenter Emails.

#2. You will be directed to  page that looks like the screenshot below:

You will see the below

  • Email
  • Name and
  • URL

of everyone who has dropped comments on your blog.

If you have 100 visitors who have dropped comments on your site, it should show thus: There are 4 unique and approved commenter email addresses for this site.

There is also an option to Download this list of email addresses as a CSV file. Normally, CSV files open in MS Excel. Excel will arrange the Email, names and URL in separate columns.

#3. Click on Download. There is also a checkbox ( to Include commenter website if there is any).

#4. Wait for the download to finish, and it is finally saved into your device.

You can decide to do whatever you feel like.


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