Google Search new feature: Compare specifications between devices.

Google Search can now compare specifications between devices and highlight differences

Google occasionally releases new features to its web search or makes design changes, most times without any prior announcement. Most recently, Google rolled out a rounded interface to the mobile Google search. Now, the company appears to be testing a new comparison feature.

flashtechblog google new features


For some users, searching for two devices with “vs” in the middle of the the two compared devices (for example, “Pixel 2 vs Pixel 2 XL”) brings up a new comparison chart. A few rows are visible on the main results, and tapping the blue button expands it to show every detail. There’s even a mode to highlight differences between the two. It doesn’t seem to work with three or more devices, only two.


flashtechblog google new features


This still seems to be rolling out. As I dont have this feature on my search yet.

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