Google Web Lite: Get Faster, More Affordable Access to the Web.

Google has rolled WebLite in Nigeria claiming it enables faster and more affordable access to the web across Africa.

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We heard about Google’s latest update about Google Web Light which will improve the experience of users on slow connections. This will be really helpful especially in parts of the world where even 3G speeds are few and far between.

They gave us a peek at how the search interface would change under those circumstances to improve those load times. Now, in select markets, the pages you click on will also be optimized to load much faster.

Google’s estimates have you loading the page 4x as fast compared to the unaltered version when on a slow connection, with 80% less data. They claim, appealing to webmasters, that this results in 50% more page views due to the better experience and lower wait.

“Whether you’re commuting to work, searching for the latest sports news, or for the phone number of a nearby restaurant, quick access to information from the web is crucial.

In Africa, we see that nearly 40% of people with Android devices may be experiencing a slow or delayed connection while they’re on the web due to usage of low RAM devices,” Google stated.

The company said it is now introducing a feature that will help users to get the information they’re looking for quicker, easier and more affordably.

“Now for most of Africa, when you search on Google with a low RAM device via the Google App, Chrome or Android browser, web pages that you access from Google’s search results page will be optimized to load faster and use less data,” Google stated.

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What is Google Web Lite

Google Web light is an initiative by Google to improve the browsing experience of millions of users who are on slow internet speed.

Typically for countries like Indonesia, India & Brazil where a majority of users are on 2G or very slow internet connection. It is also being called as Streamlined lite version of mobile search.

This feature will work only on Android devices & on chrome browser. Whenever a user is using Google search on Android powered Chrome browser, and the browser detects the slow connection. The lite version of mobile search will automatically kick-in. It will transcode the page to light version, and will help webpages to load way faster

Faster and lighter mobile pages from search

Google shows faster, lighter pages to people searching on slow mobile connections in selected countries. To do this, we transcode (convert) web pages on the fly into a version optimized for slow networks, so that these pages load faster while saving data.

These optimized pages preserve a majority of the relevant content and provide a link for users to view the original page. Our experiments show that optimized pages load four times faster than the original page and use 80% fewer bytes. Because these pages load so much faster, we also saw a 50% increase in traffic to these pages.

AMP pages requested from a locale that supports transcoding may also be modified to reduce load time. Modifications include font and image optimizations.

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