How to Import Table from Excel to AutoCAD

In the last article, we saw about exporting. We will see how to Import Table from Excel to AutoCAD. There are so many reasons why we should import tables into AutoCAD File.

Do you want to export from or insert excel to autocad drawing? Do you want to know how to link excel to autocad?

An Excel user (also architect) has just decided to prepare a list of specifications for structural elements, these elements has also dimensions associated with it. He tenders it to an AutoCAD user or designer, and the work is done easily.

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You may also want to import a spreadsheet table. Tables such as a Room Finish Schedule, created in Microsoft Excel. You can achieve this by exporting table(s) to AutoCAD.



You are to know the below to fully comprehend maximally how to go about this.

  • You should have created table(s) already using Microsoft Excel.
  • Have a knowledge of AutoCAD
  • Be ready to learn.


How to Import Table from Excel to AutoCAD

Some persons may just want to do a copy and paste directly. But that will not make sense. You must have seen that on the AutoCAD website, but what you will see here is a different case. I have with me already prepared excel sheet of table which I will export to AutoCAD (or import from). Let us quickly see how to do it:

You can bring an Excel spreadsheet into AutoCAD as an AutoCAD table object. Follow these steps:

#1. Click on the Annotate Tab of AutoCAD,


Import Table from Excel to AutoCAD


#2. Click on Tables

#3. An Insert Table dialog box comes up. This is where you will carry out the whole stuff. So listen carefully here.

#4. On the insert option, you will be able to choose a link where you will import the table/spreadsheet from.

#5. Select From a Data Link. You will notice that all the other options will become deactivated after the click.

#6. Click on New Excel Data Link, then select on lunch Data Link Manager. Give it a name of your choice.

#7. Browse for the file. I mean here the table you want to import to AutoCAD, and click on Open.

You should see the preview of the table.

#8 Click on Ok on all the windows, till you arrive at the AutoCAD working window.

Select the area you want to place the table, then click on it to import it.

NOTE: The table you have just imported is linked to the external source. It therefore means that if any changes occur from the source, then it will affect the one in the AutoCAD drawing area. If values are changed, it will be updated in the AutoCAD drawing.


I hope you learnt something new. Keep sharing.



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