How to Make your blog Visitors Stay Longer

Make Blog Visitors stay..  Few hours ago I got a question from a friend who asked me how she could make visitors to her blog stay for longer on her blog, and also how to make them share and like her articles. I believe that was a crucial question any passionate blogger should be asking.


I believe she had reasons for asking such questions. No body will love to be blogging without seeing complements and visitors participating in what you are giving out. So in this article, i will be sharing with you some of the things that can help you engage your blog visitors.

How to Keep your blog visitors longer

Blogging is very interesting if you really know what you are doing. I am not just talking about bloggers that are out there just to make money and do not have what to give out to their visitors. A genuine blogger is one that loves to share what he or she knows. A good blog should not just be for the interest of gathering traffic and leaving your visitors frustrated after visiting your blog.

A good blog should keep a reader, a learner, a tech geek, busy and engaged as he or she is going through your blog. ‘

Therefore, there are ways on how to keep your blog visitors longer and engaged for longer hours, minutes and seconds.

  1. Make sure you are providing original contents
  2. Ensure not to be too serious even on the things that are easy to do.
  3. Do get related posts
  4. Let the design of your blog be attractive.
  5. Make sure the contents are easy to read with comprehension.
  6. Create Categories to enable easy navigation.
  7. Use a user-friendly design to enable compatibility on all devices.
  8. Use inbound links
  9. Make them see popular posts on your blog
  10. Provide a search bar


I will not make this article to be too long as not to make it more boring. Let me clearly explain briefly the above points.

1. Provision of Original Content

CTRL C and CTRL V is the order of the day for most of the bloggers today as a lot of contents that are online are copy works. When visitors to your blog finds out that almost all your contents are duplicates of other blogs, they will not waste time that to immediately close the tab of your site. If you want you make your blog visitors stay longer and linger, let the know that you are genuine not fake.

2. Do not be too Serious on Everything

Do you know that you’re not the only blogger? There are many of them out there who have already read been in the business than you. So when publishing articles, ensure you give your readers that comic relieve when they are somehow bored or stressed up in the process of reading your articles.

3. Get Related post

This is very important that can double the number of hours visitors visit our blog. When you let your blog reader that there are other things related to what they are reading, it makes it easy for them to stay more reading other related articles. If you are using WordPress, there are several plugins to use. Some other themes do come with their default Related Post Widgets. So do install these plugins if our blog didn’t come with it.

4. Good Design

A good design attracts reader than a poorly design blog. A good design can make a reader even stay on your blog not minding how irrelevant the articles are (I mean what am saying). So try to design your blog well. If you are looking for someone to da that for you, You can contact me. I will do that for you. Terms and conditions are applied shaa.

5. Make Sure the blog content are easy to read and grab

If i visit a blog and don’t get a dime of what the article is talking about, i quickly close the browser, and begin to play my games. How will you provide what will not benefit others. How do you expect your reader to read without comprehension? Some blogger use terms that only them understands.  Next time you are writing, Make Sure the blog content are easy to read to enable your blog visitors stay longer.

6. Create Blog Categories

Categories enable your blog visitors to easily understand how articles and blog posts are groups. Foe example, I have the categories for Python, Jamb News, School News, etc. These all makes it easy for readers to use. It saves them the stress of using the pagination to  look for contents.

7. Use a user-friendly designs

A user-friendly design is the type that allows one to properly use your blog or site using several devices of different sizes. Some blogs are just so annoying such that you will have to scroll horizontally to see some sentences. This is very bad. Remember that the visitors are using Data to access it. Do make sure that your blog can fit to any screen size of their choice. If you need assistance here, I will be of help. T & C applied.

8. Use Inbound Links

It is a way of linking related articles in a content. Under the Good Design, i used a contact Me link. This is just a simple example to show you. When you use inbound links, it helps to engage the readers and make them stay for longer time.

9. Make them See Popular Posts/Articles

This is one of the way to let your blog visitors stay actively on your blog for longer time. Try to make them see the hot topics or articles other readers are reading. There are lots of plugin that can assist you do this with ease.

10. Provide a Search Bar

A Search bar is used to let readers to search for contents without them stressing themselves to use the pagination buttons (page 1,2,3,4 etc). A search bar is of help is properly used. Some WordPress themes do come with it. If your own is there, you can always visit WordPress plugin directory to get one.

I do believe there some other things to do to achieve this:

  1. Use images as demonstrations for proper comprehension
  2. Engage them using questions and answers.
  3. Make room for visitors subscription to enable them get automated updates.
  4. Include a call to action.


How do you keep your blog visitors longer? Have you tried these 10 tips I have provided and found any success yet? Let me here from you dear.

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