My Blogging Story – An Experience that will Motivate you

Do you want to read about My Blogging Story? You must have heard stories told by other bloggers about their experiences. This is my time to tell you mine. They say “Experience is the best teacher“, but it does not necessarily have to be undergone personally. But in my case, i went through the process of refining as a blogger.

My story may motivate you if allow it to. You can decide to push it aside if you wish, but i advice you stay to go through it.

How I started and Journeyed into Blogging

Everything in life has a beginning. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth – Gen. 1v1. In the beginning was the Word, and Word was with God and the Word was God – John 1v1.

It all started when I got admission into the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria.

In my 100 Level at college, I was curious to know how people share information online especially about schools news, admission, jamb news, etc. With the little Phone i had, with access to the internet, I was able to browse on how to start a blog.

It dawned on me that i did not have a PC then to start this blog. When the University management decided to make Laptop compulsory for every First year student, I was a little bit relieved. I went ahead to get the money from my parents and went into blogging.


The First Blog I Started (My Blogging Story)

Actually, I was confused on the blogging platform to go into. I had studied about WordPress, and Blogger as the two popular CMS used in the blogsphere. I read about the pros and cons of the both, and finally decided to use the Blogger (Blogspot) platform for the reason that it is free.

In the year 2016, I started with I was very much interested in tech blogging as an engineering student. I always experiment on new computer stuffs, and this made my classmates call me the ICT officer even since my 100L in civil engineering. Along the line, i created several other blogs which I cannot remember.

This blog began to grow until I finally decided to keep it aside when I could not get google AdSense approval.


In 2017, I moved to another blog, and I named it after the University of Nigeria, UNN. I called it MyUNNNEWS. I began to update school news concerning University admission, cut off marks, etc. Currently, I have a page like of about 2,467. I even had to create a YouTube Channel where students can watch How to go about most of the things online like How to Register Courses online, Checking results etc. I went ahead to buy a custom domain name (.com), and parsed it to the blogspot, and it worked well. After a year, i could not renew the domain name again, and I returned back to blogspot.



In 2017 still, I started another blog Ngportals with the domain name, and I failed. NGPORTALS was the first blog I built using WordPress CMS. It was really great as I came to know its features and what makes it better than blogger platform. Google banned my account, which discouraged me from blogging. I was so depressed that I did not eat for a day having seen all the efforts I have put into it.


I had spent a lot of Data, time, and energy to experiment on my own to see that it worked, but it failed. In the year 2018, I started another blog, I called it the same NGPORTALS. After making plans, arranging everything, designing logo, and pushing contents online, i later got banned by Google AdSense team for violating one or two of their policy(s). I got depressed again. I will not fail too mention the guy that funded NGPORTALS. His name is Flash Isaac. The man behind Flashlearners. One of the best Educational Blogs in Nigeria. He sponsored me, so i did not feel all that depressed. I became discouraged.

In 2019, I was encouraged by my parents and loved ones, and I started another blog, CometoSchool. It is an education blog that provides students with school news, jamb news, admission gist etc. I later got banned by Google for violating their policy. By now, I did not feel that bad. But the passion even kept burning.


After the whole lot of Failures, I decided to start up this blog. A platform where you get tech solutions, and tutorials. In 2019, i started this blog TechBroda. This passion never dies. It keeps on burning amidst failures, discouragements, disappointment etc.


The Experiences I got so Far

All these while, I was able to get the below experiences:

  1. Design Blogger templates.
  2. I was able to design Logo.
  3. I learn how to apply and get AdSense approval in few days.
  4. I developed my technical writing skills and tech skills.
  5. I learnt to cope with discouragement and failures.
  6. I was able to design a Full Working WordPress Theme from scratch with the help of some web tech (HTML, PHP, CSS, Javascript).
  7. I have set up blogs for others and they are doing fine.

These and many more.

All along, I have made up my mind NEVER TO GIVE UP. I challenge you too if you are a blogger. You can take up every challenges you are passing through. Do not begin to compare yourself with other bloggers, but rather focus on what you can offer and make the name.

Blogging these days is not easy as people think it is. When you come into the system, you will see yourself.

For those who are still interested in blogging, be ready to face some challenges. Tough times makes you stronger. Many have failed, and have finally come up with their success stories.




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