How to Remove Featured Image from Appearing inside post

Do you want to hide or remove Featured Image from Appearing inside post? If you are familiar with WordPress, you will notice that there are some themes that do come with a default settings that displays Featured Image inside a blog post. What do I mean? Features images of WordPress are manually inserted by the user before publishing an article. It serves as thumbnail which helps to tell what an article is all about.

But the situation at hand is that most persons will not want these features images to appear inside articles for some reasons known to them. Because of this, it is good to hide featured image on posts page.

It is going to be a very simple steps to follow. I have been working on this for a long time; So you are assured of getting it done if you go through the below guides:

Methods to Hide Featured Images from Single Posts

There are two methods that i will mention here

  1. Using Plugin
  2. Default WordPress theme Editor or FTP.

The above method all depends on your tech know how. If you are good in editing code, then it is better you go for method 1, if not, then go to 2.

#1. Using Plugin:

I recommend that you use a plugin to hide the featured image from individual WordPress post. Just install and activate: Hide Featured Image

This way, you don’t need to edit the Theme code.

  • Install the plugin from the ‘Plugins’ section in your dashboard (Go to Plugins > Add New > Search and search for Hide Featured Image).
  • You can also download the plugin from the repository. Unzip it and upload it to the plugins folder of your WordPress installation (wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation).
  • Activate it through the ‘Plugins’ section.

But still if you don’t want to use plugin, you can then go ahead with the second method.


#2. Using Default Theme Editor or FTP:

I will talk on the default theme editor for now. If you do not know how to use FTP, then go ahead to read about it online. You can as well subscribe or comment to show interest as I will drop an article on how to use that.

This method depends on the type of theme you are using. Some, the name of the file to work on is single.php, and some others, content-single.php. Which ever one your theme has, you can go ahead.

I will be using content-single.php.

  • Locate Appearance >> Theme Editor >> find single.php or content-single.php file. Most times, you can see it in the template-parts folder in the WordPress directory. But Take a backup of the full code to a notepad file or anywhere.
  • Now, find the code:



When you see it, then delete it and Click on the Update button to save changes. Go ahead to refresh a single post page and see if it’s worked.


If it works, lemme here from you.

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