How to Start A Blog When you Do Not Have Money

If you want to start a blog when you do not have money, then this article is for you. A lot people complain of money when it comes to starting a blog. There are so many bloggers that have delayed starting blog(s) just because of the fear of not making it at the end.

One of the biggest barrier why most people are afraid to start a blog is that of money. We have so many other reasons, and you can read them HERE.

In this post, I will try my best to guide you through.

When i first started a blog, I did not use money. It therefore means that it is possible to start a blog even without money.

Most people want to start big. Who told you that? You cannot think that way. Every successful person will encourage you to start with the little you have. But these days, most bloggers wants to invest thousands to be successful. I know of several bloggers who started with free WordPress, and later switched to Paid WordPress, and today, they are making it.

How to Start A Blog When you Do Not Have Money

Check the below ways on how to start a blog even when your pockets are dry: I have just suggested these two for you

  1. Create a free blog using either
  2. Start with Blogspot.
  3. Tell a Friend or relatives to Sponsor you.

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#1. Create a free Blog Using Free

WordPress is of two types. One is free, while the other is paid version. There are several cons and pros involved in it, which I will not cover in this article. The Free is one of the best way to start a blog when you do not have money.

You can write articles, upload images, share link, and carry out most of the things paid wordpress offer. You can go for this option if your pocket cannot carry paid version of WordPress.

The below are some of the features of free wordpress:

  1. The URL of the blog will always end with Example,
  2. You will not be able to install themes outside the available ones provided.
  3. You cannot install plugins from WordPress Directory.
  4. You will be restricted from coding to your taste the design of your blog. ie providing custom themes and plugins.


The advantage here is that you can later move your WordPress to a paid version when you have have money. So, I will charge you to go for this option. Do not kill that your writing skills. Start little, and you will grow big. Click HERE to begin setting up free WordPress blog.


#2. Start with Blogspot:

Most of the successful bloggers we have today started with free blogger (blogspot) platform. Lynda Ikeji, one of the top richest bloggers in Nigeria start with free blogger. You can go for this option. There are available blogger templates available for you to get at free prices and install. You can also browse the net to see different customized themes, or you can get a freelancer to design your layout, and theme for you. In the later time, you can th en switch to a paid version of WordPress blog. Click here to start this.


#3. Tell a Friend or relatives to Sponsor you:;

Do not let pride kill you. Open up and tell someone about your passion for blogging. Tell your uncles to sponsor you. Your parents can provide funds while your show them you’re willing to work hard.

Don’t kill that passion. Spit with all your hearts, an you’ll come out successful 😂.  I wish you a happy blogging life.



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