Use Excel Formula in AutoCAD Tables

Did you know that even in Excel formula in AutoCAD Tables? Excel is one of the powerful tech software used in may industries due to its application in several tech industries. As an engineering student, I have appreciated it a lot.

Do you want to insert equation in autocad tables? Do you want to know about excel formulas in autocad? or may be you have heard about autocad table functions.  I will love to share this article with you on Excel Formula, and how you can use it while working with AutoCAD Tables.



  • You should know how to create AutoCAD Tables.
  • Be familiar with Formulas.
  • Be ready to learn.
  • Have AutoCAD installed in your PC.

Having seen the above requirements, it is now time to go into what we have.


Use Excel Formula in AutoCAD Tables

The AutoCAD has the following functions:

  • Sum
  • Average
  • Count (counts the cells in a column or row)
  • Cell (displays the value of another cell)
  • Equation (lets you manually insert a formula)


If you have been using Excel, then using formulas will not be that difficult. It follows the same pattern. For example, to run addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc; You will have to apply the correct formula to get the result.

In this article, you will see how I will run some calculations in AutoCAD Tables.

The table i have here  is a collection of values (1 and 2) and results got from the Addition of the two values. The SUM function is used in my case. At the end of the table, the sum of the values are got; you can as well apply other formulas to get what you want. You can turn AutoCAD tables to look like spreadsheet tables.



How to Use Excel Formula in AutoCAD Tables


  • To add a formula, click outside the table to exit editing mode, if you were entering data. Then click the cell where you want to enter the formula, to select it.
  • Next, right-click the cell, and choose Insert> Formula to display the sub-menu , and choose the formula that you want. Alternatively, on the Table tab, go to the Insert panel, and choose Formula. Then choose the option that you want.


  • Follow the instructions on the command line. For example, to insert a Sum, Average, or Count formula, you’ll see prompts to select the first and second corner of the cell range that you want to include in the formula. You might have to experiment to find the best place to pick to select the corners.


NOTE: To enter a formula manually, choose Equation, which inserts the leading equal (=) sign for you. Then enter the equation as you would in a spreadsheet.



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